$MRSN id say my first weekly watch list was a success. Mrsn was alerted in 1.45 its 2.08. $WKHS was alerted at 2.50 i caught 2.35 it hit exited in full at 3.15. $ENT was alerted at .60 it hit i exited .75. Still slowly adding $PRPO and added heavily at $PRTY i think $3+ is in the works. My average is 2.28 at prty. Next week is $ANAB im just watching looking for entry. $PRTY im holding this for some time. $XBIO will add early next week. $PRPO this is always a watch for me. I got beat big here and have been watching everyday to get revenge.. $DCAR this one is crazy small float and really cheap. Could get a stupid meaning less pump soon. These are my opinions this does not mean buy sell short chase.