$GSAH So what do we know so far? GSAH is now 74% owned by institutions before any rumors even broke out. Institutions have been loading up the boat this week. Steve Grasso from CNBC Fast Money likes GSAH. Goldman is leading the IPO for Coinbase. However, Coinbase is reportedly going public via direct listing. Target is also too big ($100 bil valuation) so reverse merger with GSAH is impossible. BlockFi CEO’s recent tweet might’ve been an indirect hint or might not be. But no, mentioning Goldman and acquired in a “theoretical” response is not a SEC violation. He also didn’t mention any connections to this SPAC. BlockFi is supposedly valued at ~$3 bil. It’s smaller but growing rapidly. BlockFi is a possible target. eToro is reportedly going public either via traditional route or SPAC route. It’s in talks with Goldman to manage the process. eToro is supposedly valued at ~$5 billion. eToro is also a possible target.