$AMC As a Muslim living in Germany - I just wanted to say this. I was a little child, seeing what happened on 9/11 on German TV. I didnt really understand what was going on, but I somehow knew that it was very bad and something that is going to be edged in history. I mourn every single life that was taken that day. Americans, please understand that these Terrorists are not the Muslim Population. They do not represent Islam, they are not representing the Koran, and they are not representing me - A Muslim living in Germany. Please open your eyes, and see whats really happening in Palestine for example. Try to understand that the Turkish Government was infiltrated by the US years ago to get a coup going. Just because we are Muslim, doesnt mean that we are bad. Learn from History, try to from your own opinions. I heard so many times from people "Wow, you are a nice Turk!" - Just know that we exist, we are no Terrorists. We are all one, we are human beings. Oh, and fuck the Hedgefunds.