@versace_ there are celebs joining with millions of followers and once the buy out of wildbrain is confirmed and content is updated on KC.. all these celebs are going to promote. Ask urself why Arnold hasn’t promoted on his social media.. Jennifer Garner voice of lama mama.. why isn’t she promoting.. and the multiple celebs that are left unknown that will drive this price up huge:.. the reason is cuz this isn’t even fully ready for launch.. and past revenue is bad cuz they have been fully focused on building content.. they’ve built a megatron or kids entertainment, safe, worry free from parents with content safe and educational. Shorting this has its Time... but this will be an oil well of income for you for years to come. The Tesla of kids entertainment bro. It matters none to me but people are just so convinced this is bad becuz of assholes like lion who use people to their benefit. And when I try to help They back him up instead of listening.. I rly mean well hope u see that much