$GNUS I AM HERE TO DO A TECHNICAL ANALYSIS ON THE EVENTS OF GNUS. I have been reviewing the data compiled of the shorting events taken place the last couple months. If we look at the lime graph that spiked due to orbatrary conflicting convictions among remedial individuals we can make a few solid assumptions. First, we can know for a fact that the variance levels of the bar codeing is gracious to our investment. The fore skingraph that is forming in a double cup forMation is identicle to the robust pattern AMAZON experienced in the early stages of development. In fact, the chart overlays the previous forementioned company spike for spike and drop for drop... GNUS is taking the playbook of Amazon is my thesis, not marvel or Disney. With this pattern, if continued, we are set to grow %3000 in the next 20 years.. MARK THIS POST.
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