$SPY Dam I hate more than anything, is the fact that people cant handle talking to another human being that doesn't agree with them..imagine if we all thought same? Its the differences that keeps creativity flowing....we need hear from all sides. Find common ground. Right now, it seems its all one sided. Ill stay on my side, thank you.
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@GottaBadTicker I believe your right. Both parties have lost it. They dont even try anymore. They wont divide, and never agree with other, because if they do, must mean a sign of weakness. Im open for Independent Party, but it will take more people to be part of this movement otherwise throw away a vote. That's the fear
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@erice579 @GottaBadTicker got out of the airlines played in INO and planted my flag so to speak in TWO though I've been messing with the board telling them it's dropping I get bored of just bulls...I wanna hear why it could drop as well. I get all these stocks are gems if covid gets fixed... Airlines helped me get this...I should have gone back to BA but I could buy more shares of two. If I had your capital I would have gone to GE, DAL, BA for sure...and honestly Apple too. But for now hoping for decent price action in TWO...that hoard hates me though