$CLVS Institutional Ownership = 59.3% per Nasdaq Fintel double counts ownership with the Houses that operate their own portfolio and then separately operates ETFs. When you see “13F” that is the Operator (Buyer) and when you see “NP” that is a double count because it is simply a Fund that the Operator has transferred shares into Example - State Street transferring to XBI This is why some tickers have a number above 100% for ownership stake
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@MikeyFresh @RReagen 104M Shares now and the idea of a deal versus the guaranteed charges of fraud if one occurs is about as close to the “fence” as imaginable when unregistered shares become resorted to. It only takes 3-6 weeks for an entire registration process so clearly there are problems here. Imagine almost doubling your share count and barely making a dent in your debt if the note holder is not a buyer... 104M Shares $500M Convertible Debt Cash currently offsets short-term debts Not a good picture at the moment