$ATOS going to propose a good dr hypothesis. I think the hedge funds may know approx what funds/value of available shares ATOS needs to achieve. This cycle of share vote/ pull and let it run w news might be basically controlled by tutes lack of votes. Last time they asked for like 315m and stock had recently gotten to 4.9 but then was diluted at 2.88 as recall. Probably the MC recently reached at $9.8 vs prior mc at $4.9 is close to 315m vs 100m? Someone else that feels like thinking can figure that out..probably some already have. I’m just thinking if they let this run in Q4 w P3 updates then hopefully the difference in higher mc achieved equates to the reduced share ask next time and is in everyone’s best interest. So I’d think for this to happen in Q4 it will be a true endoxifen run to show what that can do value unaffected by Covid lines.