$MINE Regardless of if the information about Ann Arbor is correct, or it's another Jamaica The word LEASE irritates me What assets does this company has? Why would anyone give his money to a company that has no assets at all? Why would anyone give his money to an insolvent company that dilutes only to pay salaries and dilute again to buy fertilizer? If the company has no assets ,no money, history of lying and fraud, no cash flow, why people are investing in? IP? This is not a BIO that has a promising drug or has intellectual rights, anyone can buy land beside them and grow Mushroom Geez .. why do you simply move your money from your bank to CDEL bank? This company has nothing but Smoke & Mirrors, with their professional con art Ahmad Tajyar who already imprisoned 3 times Have you see any DD from any pumper about what will happen one year from now in term of cash flow and revenues? Nothing, just rockets that is the only thing CDEL pumpers have!!