$MNKD Don't forget that there's been no afrezza sales in Brazil since the $200,000 shipment in 2Q2020. Since approved in Brazil have sold less than $1m. It's not just a historic flop in USA it's a global flop ( mnkd got no upfront $ from Aussies). The failure of decades old Technosphere is seen in the failure of Afrezza.
@grampslol your an idiot. Last time you talked trash about MNKD it gained 73%. And you’ve been talking trash since you started your account back in May of 2020 and since then it has gained at least 182% since then. If you count that recent spike to the 5’s then 356%. You got nothing but the 💩 coming out of your mouth. People, don’t listen to clowns 🤡 like this that have no actual DD to add to this forum. Block him and forget him.