$SEAH most likely arbs are still selling warrants. Dip buyers will prop the price buying from them until they run out of money. Hopefully by then we have news because otherwise it'll get ugly. Someone claimed I want to buy at 1.5 based on hearsay. The problem with hearsay is you don't get the full story. This person claimed I'm manipulating people so I get what I want. Thats so far from the truth. I just post what I see and if covid delta is so bad that warrants see sub 1.5 I will have to decide then if I want to buy. I thought I would rotate some money back but now I'm not so sure anymore. Shares provide me a margin of safety in this volatile world. I have a pile of shares with massive money tied up in this because I believe in the profitable company, I believe in Eric/Management and I believe in the vision. I still have major upside exposure and my interests are aligned with everyone's. I want us all to win.