$PLTR Since I've received a ton of messages already, here it is more info: 1. PLTR shares were exchanging hands in between ITS OWN INVESTORS for $7/share. Besides a handful of insignificant new contracts, nothing has changed. 2. Lockup period expired and now 80% more shares (YOU HEARD IT CORRECTLY! 80% MORE SHARES) are available to be traded. You'd be a damn fool to think that those investors wouldn't like to cash in at these levels. 3. P/S of a 40 means INSANITY for a company which receives 61% of its total revenue from the government! HIGH RISK! 4. Kathie Wood ain't no genius. My deli guy around the corner could have pulled off the same shit by putting all the high-flying tech companies into an ETF and call herself the "genius!" STFU everyone for calling her the genius when we all know you would be making easy money by cherry picking the techs. All she did was put them under one umbrella. GENIUS! LMAO