@Sherry___ What's your point exactly? Should pedophiles be allowed to openly have content published on the internet as long as parental controls exists? I'm not going to judge you as a parent, but you are on the internet right now advocating for child abuse and soft core child porn. Don't you think there's something wrong with you? child abuse n. the physical or emotional or sexual mistreatment of children child pornography n. Pornographic material depicting minors; sexually explicit (or suggestive) images of children. n. the illegal use of children in pornographic pictures or films pornography n. Sexually explicit writing, images, video, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal. n. Lurid or sensational material. Often used in combination. n. A description of or treatise on prostitutes or prostitution; hence, obscene writing. Lucky for us, you can never actually delete these stock twits posts and these could eventually haunt you in life.
@ScrubAttack Dude my point is everyone not only child is exposed to all types of contents with internet. Do you have Netflix account even? Parents of course we do our best to control our kids to expose to them. But it's impossible. You know that. Now if you are blaming Netflix created such content - If you really watched story is not about that at all. Just go watch it. You are judging by poster and short clips. You never watched it. If you are blaming Netflix to promote children to watch the Cutie, they never done that. See attached screen Now if you blames Netflix for promoting adults to watch Cuties, how did they do that? I have all access to all types of contents over internet. If I like certain thing, you cannot block me to watch it. If I don't like things, I never watch it. Simple as that. 💪