$NRXP $RLFTF $NRXP $RLFTF CA - 37. blah blah blah ... On September 1, 2020, NeuroRx obtained a license from the Research Foundation ... (RFSUNY) under which it was granted right to use Prof. Said’s IND and associated technical information. 38. ... Dr. Javitt wrote to Dr. Selvaraju: ... [W]e were operating in the belief that you had a license to Stony Brook’s IP because you told everyone you did ..... 39. Relief immediately retaliated. On September 9, 2020, Relief’s counsel, Sheldon Bradshaw, of King and Spaulding, wrote a threatening ... blah blah blah.. ..irregularities... blah... nepotism ..blah.. 40. The allegations in Mr. Bradshaw’s letter were false and idle threats. Less than 10 days later, Relief abandoned them when it executed the Collaboration Agreement. This Binding Collaboration Agreement (this “Agreement”), dated as of September 18, 2020 So why did NRXP sign the agreement 10 days later. RLF did not execute it on their own.
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