$SRNE if you’re a true Bull that has ridden this storm out and have done legitimate DD to lead you here, I salute you. I have some folks on this board I consider good friends that currently have high averages. Normal folks, just like most of us with a regular job, family, bills, and a mortgage that put hard earned money in here only to see the stock attacked and FUD spread and paid bashers spreading false information. Honest answer, I’d far rather see the SP rise to allow these folks a loss-free exit than allow me to take profits. This stock has allowed for both profits and exits over the past year if you played it right. I never sold because it never hit my target PT and I don’t mind seeing the swings in my account. But this is very hard for so many people to endure and no doubt many got shaken out. That is the nature of this game. If your just a normal ol’ guy or gal like me that has come this far, I hope you get out of here what you want, whatever that may be. GLTA