$EYPT Pathetic that this positive move of 5.7% didn’t elicit one post from a follower today. I get that it was on lower volume but come on people.
@Duediligence20 @OCUL I haven't been thrilled with OCUL either over the past Q. A consolidation was predictable after the big run. Unfortunate that it happened along with a pull back of the biotech sector. The not so great Jan and Feb sales also spooked investors as well IMO. I think this is all behind us now. If they hit 10k inserts for June, analysts should raise their price targets. If 6 month durability of the 3rd cohort of the AMD TKI shows 60% or better, we should see a good move. Market is pricing it right now at $7 for sales and $7 for pipeline. Any advancement on either will move the price. Adding an approval for allergic conjunctivitis will help to maintain growth trajectory for Dextenza in the 30% area.... I feel confident long term, but the waiting is tough..... Reminds me of the poster I had as a teenager... two vultures sitting in a tree... one says, patients my ass, I'm going to kill something!