$CAPR First off, I think it would be prudent to share something that Dr. Linda Marban mentioned to me.. Dr. Marban expressed her desire to rebrand the company as an exosome platform company. I believe the good doctor would like DMD to share the limelight with our new Exosome platform. I think that is of little surptise to the longs here, who have been paying attention to what our CEO has been saying of late. 2ndly: I was not able to get every question answered by the board. I will do my best to get these unanswered inquiries, answered in another call down the road, apologies. As for DMD, I asked if the FDA had put forth an ascertainable avenue to gain some sort of approval w/regards to DMD.. I was told, discussions are still underway, Capricor thinks the data is quite strong but there is no clarity as of yet. I will write the rest of this post within the comments. As I do not want to spam the board with this one call.
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