$MDR bahahahaaha... Where are all the Silly Bulls who were swearing, ranting, spitting, testifying etc about this ratchet raggedy company/stock!?馃挦馃毥銆金煈馃槅馃ぃ TOLD yall I smell #Bankruptcy OVER A MONTH AGO! oh well.. it's going to $3 then to $6 right馃き馃毊馃 Due Diligence Matters! Gamblers all washed away! lol $PCG $MNK - on Ch. 11 watch 馃槶 $UBER on Insider Selling DUMP watch馃ぃ銆金煉ヰ煈 $SPY on TRUMP 馃挬tweet DUMP Watch 銆金煈馃槅.... I've stated my case and now I'm "OUTTA HERE"! 馃き馃槶
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