$SPY so far I'm unfortunately right in my weekly thesis based on FUTURES planned euphoria to excite/induce market participation of FOMO! let's see how this plays out throughout the night and premarket... $BA I think may pop then drop, just too much truth surfacing in that ratchet company.. $AAPL soon to split at the seams from it's ballooning like we've never seen before of such a controlled pump by banks/WS hiding out in it to carry the entire market... $TSLA is indeed a bubble no and if's or buts - however Price Action rules the roost the frenzy was clearly orchestrated to Burn SHORTS like Chanos, Einhorn etc.. to pare back them massive losses the company received with the stock dropping so low from the $420 secured "LIE" it'll probably hit $500 before $440ISH - who knows... $XLF have to put up or Shut up this week which will reveal exactly how needed they may have been to FED intervention with the REPO debacle - I'm betting mixed signals! Any way -LET'S GO LOWER 😬😄😷😆💯🎯🙌
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