$SPY This is all PAndering and posturing PROPAGANDA, it is already establish them dusty checks would be $1200 .. this will not move the market, BULLS ARE SO DESPERATE ahahaahahaha.😂. Worst than "Is the FEDS doing any Socialist Injections today" - Welfare RATS... 🐀 This is classic Charlatan Political Behavior by this magot White house and it's staff.. been 3 yrs figuring out these clowns 🤡 TRUMP know's he's bleeding in the POLLS, He failed miserably the country on the Coronavirus, he started a Cold War with China he won' get to finish, Russia Laughing at Merica along with all other countries who defeated the virus better than this country did and have now locked their borders baring Merica...💀 This country is it's own worst enemy.- ignorant stubborn idiotic minded entitled people.. This is not a 1st world country any longer, leadership says otherwise😭 OH WELL, LET'S GO LOWER when them ER numbers drop $AAPL $AMZN $AMD -TRASHLA already gave up the ghost $TSLA 💩📉 fine print = FLUFF
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