$ESGC So the US version is still not showing Mzaalo but the Indian version is. It's 100% that we directly own Mzaalo and revenue from it will be included in our earnings.
@Sid1988 While I’d love for it to be true, I don’t see how this confirms esgc owns mzaalo. I have to use my iPhone to access Facebook but doesn’t mean FB owns Apple. I think we have an ownership stake but mzaalo is not an esgc solution. Again, I’d love for you to be right and I be wrong.
@TradyMcTraderstun @Sid1988 if we didn't own Mzaalo why they are directly promoting Mzaalo (included as an option) in the subscription page in Indian version of Eros Now? No body will do this unless they have direct interest
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