$TRNX One day when Scott is on his way to the job site, he sees a little cat stuck up in a tree too scared to come down. Scott is a man of heart and good character so he pulls his old magnegas van off to the side of the road and proceeds to gear himself up for accent. He heroically climbs up the heights of the tree tops, grabs this terrified cat, and brings it down to safety. There a young child awaits with arms stretched out crying "thank you thank you, oh thank God you saved her! You are my hero Scott Mahoney!" and then says "I can't wait to tell grandpa about how I met a real life hero today!". The child and Scott then head their separate ways without another word said. Scott goes on to grind out another day at magnegas, duping and dodging creditors, filling red bottles with impressive renewable gas, and playing on his phone in the bathroom. The little child goes on to tell grandpa Smithfield all about the man in the magnegas van that saved her cat.
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