$CDEV $LNG $WMB $ET $AR @RidenWithBiden media2.giphy.com/media/EdFu... Decade deja vous: 2020's vs 1970’s COLD winters & CRINGE comedy TV Cue BB tv tune: Joe’s “the way we all became the Brandon Bunch!” late ’60’s early 70’s were so bitterly COLD especially in the East, they inspired an Alabama dentist, born in New England, to quit practice, relocate to the NC mountains, & pour his life savings, (plus Pre-Savings & Loan Crisis...savings) into a half harebrained, Real Estate/Wrong State, 'Carolina Caribbean Company' dream: ‘MicroSnowCap’ Ski Resorts in the…South! beechmountainresort.com/201... COLD Winter 'Climate Change' 2021 is the Brandon Bunch TV episode re-run of 1971. 2021 has same 5.2% inflation eruption, same Canary Isle volcanic eruption, on La Palma (off Africa’s NW Coast UPWIND of US) & the same erupting low O&G Energy Crisis. La Palma last erupted Oct 21, 1971. Re-run eruption began Sept 19, 2021, as stock market topped and went South. Volcanic Winter Bullish