$PRVB $KRTX For investors who invest in microcaps we are always looking for a better return than a typical mutual fund. In some cases we are also looking for the next ten bagger. These 10 baggers are rare and if you are fortunate to own one it can be a wealth creation event that comes by only a few times in your life. Last week a little known biotech, Karuna Therapuetics, rocketed into the stratosphere and went from around 17 to a high of 150 a few days later. The news that launched them was the announcement that their phase 2 trial of its schizophrenia treatment met its primary end point. They hope to initiate a phase 3 trial by the end of 2020. The stock had basically sat at $17 prior to taking off on the news. Which brings me to the point of this article. Is it possible to identify potential 10 baggers before they happen and what are the key characteristics to look for?
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