Follow my journey on my RH account challenge from 3months ago starting with about $40 and some change in early Aug 2019. I didn’t trade most of Sept that’s why it’s flat. I got back to trading the account again towards end of sept, did well for few days and then dropped back to almost beginning (you can see the drop). Learned my lesson and I’m now back over my previous resistance making my new highs with just over $40 from 3mon ago. This challenge account is mostly option since it’s a small account, and options are high risk, high reward, that’s how I’ll be able to make those gains. Maybe my account challenge will end back down to where I started or lose it all but at least it gives you all motivation to start somewhere. $SPY $TVIX $BA $TSLA $WKHS $AMZN $FB $XBIO $AAPL $NXTC $CNST $OPGN $TOPS $CTRM $GLBS $OCGN $OPTT
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