$CIFR you have 40m shares coming to market in the next few days.
$CIFR - some perspective MARA's revenue: 2020 1.5M (Q1 Q2) 2020 5M (Q3 Q4) 2021 230M (projected) 2022 573M (projected) CIFR's revenue: 2022 350M (projected) CIFR's access to silicon (through their business relationships) is best in class, and their margins are looking to be the widest among miners. BTC is now ~50K, and we're in the latter months of a BTC bull market. Therefore people are speculating on CIFR, and pricing it at 60% of MARA's value. And it'll likely trade at ~60% of MARA's market cap throughout these latter months of the bull market. Beyond that, their mining output will far exceed MARA's (if they can meet targets). And therein lies the rub, it's a speculative investment, which is why we're seeing extreme volatility.
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