$DARE Thanks Cabinho In today’s presentation, we didn’t get any specific news, but between the lines it is clear the CEO is confident about the 2022 goals and results. If you are unaware of what that means, here are the main points presented today, future catalysts and possible valuation: Xaciato: waiting for news about a commercialization deal, the most important catalyst in 2022. DARE is comfortable negotiating because the approval included a very favorable labeling that enables the commercialization to a larger group of women (lactating, pregnant, etc.). We should hear concrete news within the next 30 days. As I mentioned in a prior post: that deal alone brings DARE to a realistic valuation of 6-7.5 per share. Not to say we will see that price as a result of the news release, but we can expect that value within 2022 from this alone.