$ATNF after some serious fuckin thought, a SL has been set. "it would be stupid to sell at these levels...no point in selling now...ill go down with the ship." all things ive said, some, less than like 5 hours ago. but, it would also be really fuckin stupid not to take any action in one of the worst macro environments weve had in a very long time. "I could, of course, have bought these stocks and "put them away." This is a classic solution among people who call them¬selves conservative investors. But by now I regarded them as pure gamblers. How can they be non-gamblers when they stay with a stock even if it continues to drop? A non-gambler must get out when his stocks fall. They stay in with the gambler's eternal hope of the turn of a lucky card." -N.D. to each their own, we all gotta go our own way but im simply not prepared to lose another 100k on this. hoping SL doesnt hit, but bracing for impact. -abysmal.