$FCEL Heads up to the investors in Fcel. You have made a great investment! No need to worry because the technology is patent protected and Fcel will be one of the major players in helping the world convert to a hydrogen powered society! Mark my post! A year from now Fcel will be $20 pps Five years from now it will be $100+ pps! Yes, you can trade the stock but keep a healthy amount of long term investment tucked away! We will have several bug pops that will catch many off guard! Last though, there is a huge short position with Fce! They will be forced to cover and move the stock price up! My advice to yo, buy as much as you can now so you can sit back and watch your smart investment grow over the next several year! My 20,000 shares will be worth millions by 2025! The rocket is launching climb on board and enjoy the ride! cheers
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