$XSPA This guy is old enough not to be trusted to drive or make healthcare decisions for his grandchildren. You would not allow someone like this into your workplace. And he is clearly on adderall and desperately trying to see greatness in himself, because he vaguely remembers that is what politicians try to do. His unelected crew of leftist millenials is running every major decision. This company will benefit greatly. But, though we will all profit, it is kind of a shame it has come to this.
@TeaTeaTeaTea @TheNotoriousJDL OK, so help me understand the greatness of the vax. I have to get the jab so you won't get sick after receiving your jab. Does that factor in the 5 month booster? How about the highest vax'd countries in the world, Isreal. They are now working on their 3 & 4 booster yet are having a record outbreak. How does the fact that I've already had Covid and studies show that the natural immune is more effective than a double vax'd individual. Does this come into play.