$SSL it’s not just COVID19 that tanked this stock. They’ve dropped off around $46/share in 6 years. The Lake Charles facility is a disastrously mismanaged money pit. I was a crane operator out there for over a year. I’ve never seen so much money fly unnecessarily out the door. Hundreds of Job titles were created to give unskilled family & friends a steady income. I don’t know how many people clocked in and just left every day AND night for 10-12 hours, and got paid for it, while management knew about it. Dozens of bus drivers making “pizza runs” offsite that lasted 5 hours. Millions of dollars in Trailers full of Tools & equipment that just drove out the gate. Hundreds of lazy, unskilled employees sleeping for months in offices, buses, & company vehicles. Girlfriends of supervisors on the clock and not even on site. It was quite frankly criminal how they dragged that project out and milked it for hundred of millions in profits.
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