$SPY It's funny... get vaccinated against an OMICORN that has been found to be mutated in fully vaccinated people from South Africa Now , we we have to get JABBED against VIRUSES that have mutated to resist the VACCINES . $DWAC Vaccine INDUCED mutations
@SlAVE1X it’s 32 mutations off the original. so while vaccine loses some effectiveness overall it’s still effective. But it’s mutating because trump mouth breathers keep going out there unvaccinated spreading this crap. I know a lot of sick people - the vaccinated recover at home, the unvaccinated are going on ventilators in the hospital. I have 5 clients and family friends who got sick, 4 on ventilators, 1 suffocated in his own home because he refused any type of medical help
@JDCPA wow are you retarded ? What grade level did you complete ? A injection that doesn’t stop infection, doesn’t create immunity or stop transmission is effective ? And losing effectiveness in 3 Months to -76% according to DANISH study is good? Jesus no Wonder our country is in the shitter