$SIGA vaccine associated breakouts this women had rashes everywhere …. The COVID vaccines are associated with 1200 adverse events among them Immuno deficiency BLISTERING aka pustules … they covering up the HUGE immuno deficiency these COVID shots created … And they using gay community so they pin in it on them when people discover HIV like conditions … they’ll say they transmitted HIV too … $PFE $SPY nypost.com/2021/04/14/uk-wo...
@SlAVE1X @DougHen medical field here. Side effects are manageable. No life threatening side effects compared to J&J when women of birthing age, taking oral contraceptives, or are susceptible to blood clots. This will run hard. Might not be tomorrow but we don't want another COVID outbreak. I've had a few cases and they were sick but not dying.
@Hotdam @DougHen The COVID outbreak only affected people aged 50 and older; the CDC reported that it did not affect any other age group, and it resulted in the deaths of fewer than 1 percent of people in younger age groups. 50 … Only people with three or more comorbid conditions, also known as preconditions, were affected by COVID. If it is in fact monkeypox, then this particular strain originated in western Africa... it is not easily spread, as it does not involve the respiratory system, and simple hand contact is not sufficient... It is passed on through sexual contact. With money pox, fatalities account for less than 6 percent of cases... We got our elderly KILLED in last pandemic because CDC lied about the AGE GROUPS … if we focused on elderly we could have lowered deaths much lower
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