$XSPA bull here since $.24, averaged up to 50k @ $.48. Sold half at over $1, held the rest. I get bears are a-holes but why are some of you bulls being so idiotic when a bear or even bull asks a legit question? It’s a very real worry that they issue an offering. It’s a very real possibility that they approve the r/s next week. I’m not saying they will and even if they did they might not have much of a negative impact. My main point is how f*cking ignorant some of you are, when a person brings up a reasonable question on their mind. I know I was thinking about an offering. I’m also worried about r/s next week. Still going to hold, but doesn’t mean those aren’t in the back of my mind. The only bears I block are the ones who post fake news or opinions that are completely absurd and unsubstantiated. Have a good weekend and congrats to all!
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