$SSFT Jan 25 - stock rips off of 7MA on volume increase - then consolidates towards 7MA and new .15 level (.15 support) Traded along 7MA for a few days on LOW volume - then SPIKES off 7MA on HIGH volume - then consolidates on LOW volume until it touches 7MA again (new support .20) This week it hit the 7MA again AND Golden Cross event, it SPIKED on HUGE volume off the .20 support - blasting through .30 resistance. Now it has consolidated for 3 days on LOW volume and today pierced 7MA but closed above. Based on this (terribly communicated) pattern - what do we think happens Monday/Tuesday? Sustained trend - it is MY OPINION that we likely have some large, sophisticated investors playing the chart (and no doubt the strong fundamentals). Catalysts: The only reason this stock is still SO UNDERVALUED compared to its peers is/was the lack of awareness - which is now rapidly growing. PR indicates Awareness is set to grow exponentially IMO. Just getting started. ALL IMO