$SRNE “We screened about a billion antibodies,” Ji said. “And we found about 100 of them to characterize further. From them we selected about a dozen that had neutralizing activity.” Then, working with collaboration partners at the University of Texas Medical Branch, which has access to the live virus, they were able to screen the dozen antibodies for the most promising ones. “We’re actually so impressed with the data,” Ji said. “One of the antibodies is so powerful that at a very low concentration it is able to 100% completely prevent infection or inhibit the infection. In our studies, not even one virus escaped from the antibody.” That was STI-1499. Currently, Sorrento believes STI-1499 will be the first antibody in the three-antibody cocktail, COVI-SHIELD, which it is developing with Mount Sinai. Additionally, because of its high potency, it plans to develop the antibody as a stand-alone therapy, COVI-GUARD.
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