$ALT ... well, the end of the week came and our lil piggy is trading right around $7. Yes , it is true and that is great news. On one hand there is some fun speculation and on the other is a steady demand for the stock for several valid reasons. I think some are going to miss the boat here and of course time will tell how well this co performs in the Seas of COVID 19 and other ventures. Now, what if I told you, we may actually own a $35 stock in 2020. Ah! You would say, that is crazy talk, no way, not possible. The point is that ALT has that possibility, it isn't a given, it's not a definite, it may never occur but it is possible. Perhaps $35 will end up on the low end of the scale. In the meantime, let's play with the idea that we have a strong tuna on the line while fishing off of the coast of Cape Cod and the line is ripping off the reel. Just play with the idea for now. Just play... Stay safe during your Holiday! Bullish lean in 2020!
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