What is hilarious is that because Trump is Trump, he cannot get a grip on COVID 19 at all, even now. He doesn't know that he has the magic wand to help himself get re-elected and prevent added deaths. Let's hope he stays on Death Row because the more he dismisses the deaths of innocent US citizens, the more he is losing this election in spades. A blind person could do a better job of stemming the spread of COVID 19. A blunder of massive proportions for him. Four years was enough for most of the country but for others who are part of the White Supremacist Clan, they will be sad to see their fearless leader knocked off the Hill. White Supremacy is crucial to Trump and Pence. If you do not see it, you may be living in deep denial. Stay safe as best one can because Trumpy is shooting for 400,000 deaths in just a few months. It is part of his new plan. Read up on it soon. $SPY $QQQ
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