$SPY is going to be great in 2021 too as poor Trumpy the Biggest Loser tries to stay relevant by spouting....I WON. Reality is- Dead Man Walking. Our future has been compromised and it is up to US citizens to provide a means of getting important tasks done since our DC Clowns are useless. Our Republican Party has eroded to new lows and validates why so many have voted for Biden as demonstrated by so many interviews. Trying to get back to middle ground will be excruciatingly hard for both parties. The Loser aka Baby Trumpskin is showing who he is as he cares only for himself and his family members. Nothing has changed and yet millions cannot see it at all. Tragic times. Tit for tat tactics keeps gridlock alive between parties. China moves on while USA implodes before the world. National Security? Trumpy failed in that area. COVID 19 is on track to wipe out 500,000 citizens. The virus is alive and well all around the planet. Play safe, stay safe. Enjoy the day! $QQQ
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