@SmallCapValueTrading I once lost $286,000 in one day. Same year I made over $2.44 mill in one day. Ah, the good old days. Consider when US ends quarantines. Constitutionally, each state decides for itself, so trump's 3/22 10:50pm tweet was only the first nudge at our society thinking about the reality that we can't survive in quarantine forever. Many countries have already accepted the reality. Sure, hospitals will be overwhelmed and 1-2% may die, or maybe 60+ age group stays quarantined. Cuomo doesn't like it, sure. It's reality. I think the catalyst that moves markets substantially higher is when we get back to work... I went long late last night, but if I played options, I'd probably be micromanaging the public discussions around when we get back to work. Not stimulus.
@Cheezits wow. That’s a bad day! Thanks for your insight. Good perspective. If we have a decent drug that can treat it, that allows us to go back to work faster. Wouldn’t be surprised if that news came soon too. Another catalyst. On the negative catalyst, it’s all about those numbers staying contained to a degree, but w more testing those numbers go up. Need the stimulus, drug/treatment, and “back to work” catalysts. But I think stimulus will cause HUGE spike because it will be unprecedented injection- maybe larger than we are expecting 🤷🏻‍♂️

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