$TMDI So I need to be educated....no not on TMDI stock as I am the Professor Emeritus on that topic. I want to learn how the market reacts positively to a travel and tourism industry that is non-existent, the very real possibility of raising decades of dummies "graduating" with no better then 11th grade educations because of online video games (oops I mean online "learning" during Covid), and Restaurants either closing again OR serving customers at 25% capacity? Now we gonna have tons more homeless as Unemployment benefits have been cut by 43% on avrg. More drug use coming as depression takes hold, more thefts/robberies, more cops getting pissed because of hopeless/lawless thugs owning the streets. The reckoning will come and it will be HARD. Might be wise to sell ALL of your Titan shares and Growth funds to buy GOLD. Who TF cares about Apple and Amazon...care about the 85% of stocks that matter for LIFE. ....as we rally. Oy fooken Vey