$SPY Realizing just how little I knew, and beginning to understand the psychology of the world and markets was a giant step in taking my game to the next level, and I’m just getting started. Huge shoutout to @Stocktwits and all the folks there for their hard work. This all can be a powerful tool, or can deafen you until you’re left with nothing. The choice is YOURS. Keep improving every week 🙏🏻
$SPY An honest, heartfelt message to any rookie traders or investors out there The information YOU decide to glean from the world, and this site, is your decision. If you find yourself tuning out opinions that don’t fit what you WANT to see happen, that is the best time to step back and rethink it all. This is not a game of validation, this is not a game of ego. If you’re chasing either of those two it will come at the expense of your money. The only thing that matters is reality, and what is currently happening. If you’re down in a stock trending in a downward direction, and are continuing to buy despite reality not fitting with your thesis, that is where those who will become winners start to develop their strategy Those who continue blindly will not last much longer Always keep an open mind and stick to your strategy until it fails. Don’t be afraid to rethink the game Cheers 🍻
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