$OP.X if bearish, I still say we go to $0.65 like I initially said. Just like I said if it doesn’t stop at $1.70, it would go to $2.20. But the next leg up could also be $2.80+. This is a tough one to be trading right here, and if you aren’t already positioned well, probably will be a bad trade unless you see an obvious breakdown or break up happen. It’s the season of squeezes, for both ways. Don’t get wrecked! And yes, I know my charts are complicated, but I don’t see anybody in here making as near close calls as me so I wouldn’t dare try talking trash to me if I were you. I’m trying to help out, and if it isn’t helpful to you, take it or leave it. Leave negative comments out my posts.
@Smartinvestor00 gambler? Lol wtf. Far from it. I bought at .50, homie. Sold SOME and shorted SOME (margin short, not futures), at 1.70. Bought back at 1.36 because I kept to my plan. Sold SOME more at 1.20 to keep with my plan. This is how you accumulate. End up with more coins in the end than what you start off with. That’s the point of stock shares and crypto coins. You accumulate and if you end up in a losing trade, you HODL and buy your next target (if you believe in it long term). I rarely trade anything I don’t believe in because I mostly invest in it rather than trade lol.