$AMC quick summery for anyone just tuning in. When 500m vote was announced about a month ago apes thought it was a brilliant idea, because for a vote to happen all shares need to be recalled by brokerages to count them. Thought when count was finished it would expose how many fake shares were out there. It turned into a fud campaign by the hedgies, spreading the fear that the 500m would dilute the existing shares and therefore by by squeeze. So it's been contentious to say the least. Last night amc CEO announced they were taking the 500m vote off the table. So everyone saying he's been playing chess against the hedgies and just put them in checkmate. By causing the vote count, he was able to see how many fake shares, and by the hedgies thinking 500m was about to dilute the stock and therfore easy to cover their short positions... They've been doubling down on shorts for the last month. So now they're fucked