$SRNE these next few weeks are pivotal. If we slide we slide. Don’t let lack of news sway you. Let conviction of a ceo who’s been in the kitchen cooking for years guide you. Remember he didn’t accept buyout, professed he had a cure, and is buying companies and cures. The only crooks are the companies pumping out rushed vaccines which people won’t trust while their ceos dump stock. I don’t need to see forecasts and stock charts. I need to see results. And that’s coming from a person who has a math minor and 2 engineering degrees.
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@JeffreyBayerPharmacare the reward heavily outweighs the risk. Took a class that studied expected values(EV). I guarantee you that equation would say buy. That’s gotta be what big boys use. Any intelligent gambler uses EV. It’s the truth. These big boys bought stock this year, you think they are flying blind?
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