$GEO Biden likely to clean house at USMS for circumventing EO. Biden explicitly against ICE and classification of immigration as "illegal". All Democrat ran states banning operation of Private correction and detention. Business facing imminent bankruptcy. Short squeeze potential here is ZERO. At least you'll always have the dream.
@SnicSnipe @JElway @Diazfranj @taffy111 why not pick the lesser of 2 evils and then hold your local senators accountable? Congress is the main thing that matters anyways not the president. 3rd party IS a wasted vote whether you like it or not. we are a 2 party system, and that will not change anytime soon.
@Searching4Value @JElway @Diazfranj @taffy111 Because evil is still evil. Look around you, this is am empire in decline (since the 1980s) by virtually every metric. You clearly do not know your American history. Ever heard of the Federalists and Anti Federalists? Whigs and Know Nothings? American history is filled with 3rd parties forcing the two major parties of the time to change policy on an issue or risk political power. 3rd party politics are agents of change in the American system. Nobody is held accountable in our system. Cocaine Mitch, Nancy "Stretch Face" Pelosi, Joe "Where Am I?" Biden, and Charles "Side Eyes" Schumer have all been in congress since the late 80s/early 90s. They have been wrong on every major issue since and still have power. NAFTA, Chinese access to the WTO, War in Iraq, The "Patriot Act", Warrantless Wiretaps, TARP, ect. Polling is pretty clear, everyone hates congress but its because everyone else's member of congress is at fault in their eyes.
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