@_RSI_God_ @bighaas only takes -$2-3 to move NEXT DAY puts up 200%. Ive done this for ages, you just admitted to buying same week contracts which is pathetic and nothing more than pure gambling. I sell to losers like you every damn day. We will both be happy to see $428 tomorrow- the difference is that if it flatlines or goes up- i will not lose, but YOU will.
@_RSI_God_ @bighaas also i know RSI works, the main mistake ppl make is that they think “it’s reached overbought/oversold so it will reverse the opposite way”; however, any pro will remind you of the acronym’s meaning: RELATIVE STRENGTH. If the relative strength of the move is in overbought territory it doesnt mean it’s overbought- it means it’s so strongly bullish that it’s remaining overbought and still climbing (it doesn’t get much STRONGER than defying all overbought sentiment). Just because we are overbought i dont see it as a case for any significant downside. Holding naked puts overnight is a recipe for easy/avoidable losses. If it dives hard, great- and if it pulls back just a tiny due to the overbought state then great also - but at least I win in 2 circumstances and not just 1. And at least Im recognizing that the relative strength is very strong so I am making an arguably stupid play- the smartest play would be to follow strength/momo which is to the upside.