$NLST Seem like it's Monday Morning Quarterbacking / second guessing/ could of would of should of kind of night. I want to make two points and I'll sign off and enjoy the rest of this blessed day. 1. The management team is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! They have been through the WAR and held true to the course. NEVER QUIVERED. NO R/Splits, personally I glad it didn't happen, but would have agreed with the decision IF they would of happened. Financially fought with EVERY CENT they could produce. On a scale of 1-10, they score a 20. The tide is in motion, and NOTHING changes the tide. GOOGLE LOST TODAY FOLKS. PURE AND SIMPLE. 2. The CC will explain everything they want us to know. The rest will filter in with the cash. Awesome WIN today. I know it's easy (AFTER 4 YEARS OF WAITING ) to get your lip in the dirt, but the facts have always been the facts. C U TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!! GLTA!!!!!!!!!!