$AMRN Just last week rafunrafun went and attacked Dr. Corral, an ally of ours and lead investigator of the Prepare -IT 2 covid trial, on twitter and here is Dr. Corral's response to him calling him "...aggressive and arrogant". rafunrafun is unhinged and unstable and can't control his need to post political propaganda. He was already almost kicked off AMRN IHUB board and they only allowed him to stay because he stopped posting political nonsense - which ironically is when he started posting the same crap on Stocktwits. Pablo Corral MD @drpablocorral It is really curious what the publication of a scientific publication generates in the investors of a drug… The profile of these people is repeated: aggressive and arrogant. It's just science ... 2:13 PM · Oct 6, 2021 from Mar del Plata, Argentina·Twitter for iPhone