$WTRH This is not a CV stock...they are fullfilling needs right NOW! No matter if other stocks are up or down. Look at the facts. World is in a shutdown. Yesterday UK banned ALL contact for more than 2 people, 2 days ago Germany banned more than 2 people. All transportation is shut down. Right now India is shut down! US cases rose from 4000 to 40000 in one week! FED is desperate and printing out money to keep the stocks floating, but its too late, unemployment is already in effect and they are expecting 20-30% unemployment! Spike havent even occured yet, hospitals will be packed and people will not go out. Thats a FACT. Look at Europe and rest of the world. Today is the biggest Bulltrap! Buy Gold, buy food, buy supplies! Stocks will recover but not today. Ask your self simple questions. Is corona over?? NO Is there more jobs? NO Are people scared? YES Are people home? YES Will people spend money like before? NO
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